The speed of light is no speed..

The basic idea I have is that the speed of light is not a velocity at all. I think that the lightspeed is the absolute minumum of movement and time. You can see this as the absolute point zero of space and time like we have zero Kelvin as the absolute minimum for temperature.   One argument for this is that the light does not accelerate. If we measure the lightspeed, it has instantly the velocity of 300.000km/s.  That’s allready kind of weird, where does the light gets his speed from?

A second point I like to make is that there seem to be no time for a photon. A photon leaves and arives at the same time.  How can something move without time?

In my opinion is light just a trail wich leaves his source in all directions of past time. The source ( matter) is the “thing” what moves forward trough time.
When we measure the speed of light, we actualy measure the speed of mass trough time. It’s like standing in a train and measure the speed of the tracks.

How you find out what is moving, Is it the tracks our is it the train?







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